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Aerial and Zipline Trails



Our Park Seen from Above !


In addition to its theme park, Aventuria offers families and visitors five different aerial trail courses as well as a complete course consisting exclusively of 14 zip lines. Accessible year-round, the aerial trails consist of bridges of all kinds, zip lines, nets, tunnels and even a tarzan rope. Challenge enthusiasts will be served with the famous stirrups. You can plan around two hours to browse our different platforms perched mainly in the trees.

Be aware that aerial trails and zip lines require an average level of physical effort. No prior technical knowledge is necessary since all instructions will be given to you at the beginning of the activity, just after providing you with the necessary safety equipment. The safety harness must be suitable for wearing, with the use of a chest harness if necessary, depending on the morphology of the person.

Trails 1 and 2 :

Minimum age: 9 years old & Minimum height: 1m20

Trails 3 and 4 :

Minimum age: 11 years old & Minimum height: 1m40

Trail 5 temporarily closed due to construction of our chalets.
14 zip line tour :

Minimum age: 11 years old & Minimum height: 1m40


Note that :

  • Pregnant people cannot access trails and zip lines as they cannot wear the harness.
  • Guests under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent (the parent can stay on the ground if they prefer).
  • We ask participants to arrive 15 minutes before departure since the time indicated corresponds indeed to the departure in the trees.