Les Authentiques



Program for the development of the full human potential

A learning-in-action program combining both activities and reflections to foster the development of the full human potential within organizations through the emergence of authentic and conscious leadership.  This program allows borh to observe lasting changes and to support the evolution of the individual in his personal and professional development.


Program sub-objectives

  • To promote the establishment of necessary conditions to support development;
  • To develop awareness of oneself and others through activities and reflections;
  • To identify and to test new behaviors in a controlled environment;
  • To support the transfer of new behaviors in the professional sphere.


Benefits of the project

  • To increase productivity through a human approach;
  • To get to know yourself better as an individual;
  • To have access to a toolbox to navigate better in different situations;
  • To improve well-being at work;
  • To deploy talents in different spheres;
  • To be able to clearly identify his/her role and contribution.

Regular Formula

  • 6 days of workshop (36 hours);
  • Experiential activities inspired by triggering events;
  • Personal and group reflection activities;
  • 1 feedback meeting;
  • Including: Snacks & meals!


Topics and themes

  • Practice conscious communication;
  • Welcome its full authenticity;
  • Develop personal strategic thinking;
  • Recognize the importance of these thought patterns and their influence on our ways of perceiving, thinking and acting;
  • Develop more conscious ways of relating and connecting with oneself, others and the environment;
  • Recognize, practice and use our talents and strengths;
  • Experiment with constructive feedback techniques.

Information and registration


Program duration : 
8 months

Clientele :
Professionals (advisors, team leaders, managers, strategic employees, etc.)

For information :
Mylène Pigeon, Owner - Coach - Facilitator at Le Chemin du Leader
C : 581-888-4662 /

For registration :
François Grenier-Gagné, project coordinator at d'Aventuria
T : 418-397-1460 poste 110 /