Services and Programs



Oasis Counter

The primary objective of Oasis is to offer an alternative in food autonomy to vulnerable families in certain municipalities of the MRC Beauce-Centre through a bi-monthly distribution counter of food baskets. We partner with Moisson Beauce to serve our customers.

The Oasis committee brings together volunteers from the municipalities joined by food aid (Saint-Séverin, Saint-Jules, Tring-Jonction, Saint-Frédéric and Saint-Victor) and ensures the proper functioning during the distribution of food baskets. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need.

Collective kitchens

Collective kitchens are offered to the community of the MRC Beauce-Centre. These are workshops to learn how to cook healthy and at low-cost. These workshops are given in groups of eight to ten people and registration is mandatory.  Each time, the participants leave with the dishes they have prepared. A cost of $15 is requested for participants.

The objectives

  • Address the needs of families with socio-economic vulnerability and food insecurity;
  • Socialize, cook in groups and bond;
  • Develop and promote learning the principles of a healthier diet and acquire food hygiene rules;
  • Develop a sense of responsibility and organization.

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Prepared Meals (PPP meals)


Every week, in collaboration with the Centre d'Action Bénévole de la Beauce-Etchemin (CABBE), we prepare meals (soups, main courses, desserts) that are delivered by our partner to registrants throughout the MRC Beauce-Centre. If you are a senior or know someone who would like to register, you can contact the CABBE directly at 418-397-0135.

For families or anyone else who would like to purchase family meals, you can register via the form at the bottom of the page.


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Camp Repit

Camp Répit is for children from the greater Chaudière-Appalaches region aged 6 to 12.

Being a parent comes with its share of daily challenges. When this role is combined with significant difficulties, such as divorce, mortality or significant health problems (to name a few), these hardships generate more difficulties in exercising this role.

This is why the respite camp services offered by Club Parentaide have the power to make a considerable difference in the lives of these parents shaken by hardships, and on their offspring for whom a respite from the family climate can only bring comfort and renewal.

Thanks to these camps, parents have the chance to benefit from a rest period and this to catch their breath. During this time, their child is cared for by a competent team of facilitators eager to leave them a positive imprint allowing the personal development of the young people through a camp experience in a safe and stimulating environment. A stay filled with beautiful adventures, encounters and enriching experiences.


Our objectives during a Respite Camp

  • Offer young people a global health routine by performing new physical activities, experimenting with new recipes that allow them to eat well, offering them a different contact with nature, etc;
  • Allow children to have experiences of mutual aid with their peers, learn to express their emotions appropriately, and integrate positive methods of conflict management;
  • Give each participant a unique opportunity to surpass themselves personally, to achieve new challenges;
  • • Support each young person in the development of his personality and his quest for autonomy.


At the end of 2022, the program won the award of excellence at the CISSS-CA gala in the category Improvement of the concerted offer with the community.

To register your child, you must be referred by your JED counsellor at the CISSS de Chaudière-Appalaches or by the Maisons de la famille in the region. The counsellor will work with you to determine the specific needs of your child and validate eligibility for the program. Your counsellor will discuss first with you and then forward it to Club Parentaide.



CADOE Program

The goal of this group is to help parents better understand and respond to the needs of their 0-12 year olds. The program is offered free of charge with the possibility of babysitting and transportation services. During each session, family activities are organized with the aim of increasing quality family moments. Thereafter, parents receive personalized support for two years.

As this is a provincial program, participants must be referred by the CISSS.



Parents d'Ado…A crossing


This group of six meetings aims to help parents cope with their children's teenage years.

Objectives of the meeting

  1. Understand the journey of adolescence;
  2. Promote better communication within the family;
  3. Harmonize parental authority, supervision and accountability;
  4. Develop knowledge about drugs (use and consequences);
  5. Promote the development of a balanced sexuality;
  6. Develop parenting skills to improve adolescent self-esteem.

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Vie de famille : From Discipline to Love


Vie de Famille, from Discipline to Love (6-12 years) is a training on the theme of family offered to couples. It addresses the concepts of discipline, rules of family life and communication. The program is co-facilitated by a worker from Club Parentaide. At the very end, many parents express their need to meet again, which leads to the creation of a new network.

As examples, here are some topics covered in the different workshops

  • "In my family, I am first and foremost a person who ..." ;
  • "From now on, I act instead of reacting";
  • "Discipline at the heart of my family";
  • "Let's do better with our rules of family life";
  • "Better communication to solve our problems";
  • "I am a parent with qualities and strengths".

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YAPP : There's No One Perfect


YAPP is a parenting experience enrichment program offered in the community by facilitators for parents of children aged five and under. It is designed to meet the needs of parents.

Under the direction of a facilitator, parents participate in group meetings that aim to:

  • Promote positive parenting skills;
  • Improve parents' understanding of their children's health, safety and behaviour;
  • Help parents strengthen their skills and acquire new ones;
  • Improve parents' self-esteem and coping skills;
  • Increase mutual aid and support among parents;
  • Connect parents to community services and resources;
  • Help prevent family violence.

In a YAPP group, parents can:

  • MEET other parents of young children (0-5 years old);
  • EXCHANGE on questions and ideas regarding parenting;
  • LEARN about the development, safety, health and behaviour of their children;
  • DISCUSS experiences of the daily life;
  • WORK together with the support of a qualified facilitator;
  • DISCOVER positive ways to act as a parent;
  • YAPP is a program of the Public Health Agency of Canada and is delivered across Canada through provincial and territorial organizations.


Jeunes Leaders Program

The program allows young people to discover and exploit their strengths within a group, all in a playful and rejuvenating context in nature.

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