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Games, Challenges & Surprises


Located in Saint-Jules, Beauce, Aventuria was built by several colorful characters from completely different backgrounds. These friends built their home and different areas with games, challenges and even surprises. When summer comes, they are waiting for you to discover their wonderful world and they often take the opportunity to challenge you. But mostly, they love to have visitors !


For those who prefer a diffrent adventure thanks to our aerial trails and our zip lines, click here.



Our Different Areas

Pirate Marine's Galleon

Come play in our pirate's boat. It is in this area that you will glide as fast as a fugitive pirate and where you will cool off on hot summer afternoons while Marine will take out her water cannon and splash you ! On board, sailors!

The Car-Racing Track of Gazouille, the Crossing Guard

Speed is definitely involved in this car-racing track. Quickly grab a car and move your arms to make it go forward. But be careful to respect the safety instructions, otherwise our chief crossing guard will not hesitate to give you a ticket.

Knight Achile's Track

Being a knight and fighting with a sword is not easy. Don't worry, Achile is here to teach you, train you and challenge you. It is in his area that you will have the chance to cross obstacles, climb, work on your agility and, if you have the courage, to challenge our famous knight to sword combat.

The Hidden Village of Flora, the Lady of the Woods

Come and marvel in the hidden village with our Lady of the Woods. This is where you will find the houses of each of the characters. You can even visit them! Flora will tell you her most beautiful stories, if she is not interrupted by the little creatures that hide in her forest. Open your eyes and be ready to be enchanted!

The Labyrinth in the Forest

It is in the labyrinth that you will put your sense of direction into action. Whether it's to find the exit or to find your friends, you will have to learn how to find your way. But be careful, because all the characters of Aventuria love a well-known game... Ready, not ready, here I come!

The Bouncing Area of Kado the Bear 

The rainbow is never far away in the village of Aventuria. Come and bounce on our giant airbag until you lose your breath. The more you jump, the higher you will go. Come on, what are you waiting for?

Archery with Tyro-Man and Tyro-Girl

Come test your precision with us. Grab an arrow, stretch the rope, close an eye and aim well! Right on the mark?

The Splashing Area

Do not forget to bring clothes that will dry quickly, because most of the visits end at the water games, under the splashing palm tree. After all, what would the visit be without a friendly water joust with the characters?

The Characters


Marine is a mischievous pirate with a special sense of humor! She will warmly welcome you as a little pirate aboard her big ship, where you can slip and embark on a water fight, if you are not too busy finding all the lost objects.


Gazouille, the colorful crossing guard, loves to race! Get on your mini car and follow the safety instructions. Who will be the fastest? 1, 2, 3, GO!


Achile, the brave Knight, wields the sword like no one else! Defender of Aventuria, he is very competitive and challenges with his sword everyone he meets with his eyes. Come and have fun in its course at low altitude and climb on the castle.


Nature lover and magician in her spare time, Flora the Lady of the Woods is charming and full of ideas. She is the host and soul of the village of Aventuria. Take part in her fun games and visit the small houses built by the villagers!

Tyro-Man et Tyro-Girl

Tyro-Man and his sister Tyro-Girl are brave and friendly archers who take pleasure in introducing young and old children to archery. If you can't find them in archery, look in the air! They are most likely on the zip line!


Kado is the mascot of Aventuria. He is a big funny bear who loves to jump, to laugh and to dance with the children that he loves so much... if he's not sleeping!